A little puzzle game

- larger click zones
- can click on target nodes to move
- nodes' color change with type
- less impossible level

Goal: make the purple sphere go from the start node (left) to the end node (right) with at least 1 coin collected.
Collect more coins to increase the difficulty level of next levels.

Only 2 possible actions  in this game
1. Click on a green dot to move the sphere to another node:
- move closer to the goal
- collect coins
2. Click on the (purple) sphere to make it jump:
- trigger a switch on the current and linked nodes (open/close paths)
- throw a coin (if any collected) to another node (random)
- end the level on exit node

Install instructions

All in one HTML page


AfterBumper.zip 9 kB


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More details:
- You can scroll by dragging (like on mobile phone)
- There are 3 possible switch mechanisms for node: pay attention to it
- Some level may be impossible to finish